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Hello Pete,

Hope all is well with you.  I am sending (to 2 email addresses) additional info regarding Fred C. Riley.  Pleases stay in touch!


 Details of Sgt. RILEY'S Death in Action. (hard to read in spots)

Details on the death in action of Sergeant Fred C RILEY, formerly of Dothan, have been received by his mother, Mrs. J P RILEY, Drummond Park, Panama City, from the Commanding officer of Sergeant Riley's re***.

T*** *** of 56* Armored Regiment ** was killed in action August **, 1944, in Europe.

The letter to Mrs. RILEY follows:  "Your son was killed in action against the enemy  on August 24, 1944, on the **the** outskirts of the village of Le T*** S *** about eight miles southwest of the town of **** which is located on the S**se River.

A German tank fired an armorpiercing projectile at your son's tank.  The round glanced off the hull and went through the turret, killing him instantly.  The American tank covering your son's tank was able to knock out the Germans who had fired on him.

Sergeant Riley's body was recovered and received a Christian burial in an American military Cemetery in France.  This place is called the St Andre Cemetery and is located between Evreux, Houdan, and Dreux, France.

Your son was the best tank commander in the company and a magnificent leader especially in combat.  His was a great gift for hardling men. Not only was he greatly respected for his soldierly qualities, but he was also greatly liked by the other members of the company, and men were glad to be in his tank crew.  Your son was  a fine non-commissioned officer and he probably would have received a battlefield commission had he not met so untimely an end"

The letter from Brig. Gen. Charles T MYERS, of the 12th Air Force revealed.